Public international law

For several years, Me Vallieres has been teaching international public law in Quebec universities and his expertise is well known in this particular field. He is often interviewed by the media on several topical issues. On many occasions, he acts as counsel for other lawyers.

Me Vallieres was asked to assist a colleague whose client had his property seized by order of the Security Council of the United Nations, along with by a travel ban imposed on him. Me Vallieres was asked to make this UN resolution disappear and to allow the person to regain some freedom of movement. Mission accomplished.

Me Vallieres is also an expert in international human rights law. He has appeared before the European Court of Human Rights and presented several cases before the UN Committee on Human Rights. Furthermore, he has taught human rights in many countries: France, Indonesia, Canada, and Haiti. He also teaches regularly at the International Institute of Human Rights, where he has been in charge of the French program of the International Teaching Centre for Human Rights for several years now.

Our firm is able to advise persons or entities and international organizations wishing to assert their rights in international organizations. Similarly, the firm may represent states in processes such as negotiation, mediation or litigation.

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