Canada is a great place to do business. The Canadian economy is strong and stable. Business opportunities exist in all sectors of the industry. Furthermore, Canada has significant natural resources and thriving industries radiating in all areas, even the most complex.

There are three categories of business:

  • Self-employed worker program
    • You can come to Quebec to create your own job by practicing a profession or trade on your own account. Nevertheless, you should have net assets of at least C$100,000 that have been legally obtained. Finally, you need to have at least two years of experience as a self-employed worker in the profession or trade you plan to practise in Quebec.
    • Our firm will help you complete your application may it present some pitfalls.
  • Entrepreneur program
    • You can also acquire a business or submit a business project with the purpose of creating a business. You should control at least 25% of the capital equity. These 25% of the capital equity should be of at least C$100,000 of value.
    • It could come in handy to have the services of a law firm in Canada. We will assist you in the design of your project and make sure everything is done according to the laws.
  • Investor program
    • Canada has a specific program for investors. To be eligible for this program, you must have net assets of at least C$1,600,000, obtained legally. Additionally, you need to have some experience in management in a legal farming, commercial or industrial business. Before settling to Canada, the candidate must sign an agreement to invest C$800,000, with a financial intermediary authorized to participate in the Investor Program.

Investors will need the services of a lawyer to protect their investments and organise their business relationships.

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